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i dont remember if we ever really had a thread about this by itself. .

its my time of year to be on the computer alot, cause im in my office like 12 hours a day. .so sorry if i havent been posting alot, but ill be around ostly every day for a couple months

anyway; do you use it. . .

i have used it when quckly trying to get something that would get me stoked so i can continue with a track

and if you do. do you EQ everything when you are laying it down piece by piece(drum hit by drum hit) to make sure no waveforms cross

if so, will this even work or will it just change it up

let me explain a bit. say im making a DnB tune. ill get a kick from wherever. .record, sample, cd pack. . usually ill pitch it up (1) just to make sure it clearing all basslines and not in the way. but isnt this why side-chaining works, because the kick IS getting in the way of the bassline or lead synth. . etc

do i have this right, cause it seems like the side-chaining is directly related to 2 crossing into the same hz. [or does it maybe work on the parrallel(sp?) no matter what it is at(saying just push everything or pull everything at a plus 30 from your original wave)].
also; im not saying your kick is going to be as low as 40 hz or whatever. . but definately like around 70(so say maybe it would be possible to hit everything between 100 and whatever you set it at

i  dont know. . maybe the side-chaining is supossed to be used different. but usually. . well since 97 my way of production goes -->experiment -->ask questions --> experiment --> then if i still am struggling --> read the instructions . . .LMAO

Eric Turnbull
aka The Eturn
Nope, side chaining has nothing to do with eq. In side chaining, there are two channels, the signal channel and the effect channel. When there's a signal in the signal channel, it turns the volume down on the effect channel. Logic and the new cubse(s) have it built into their stock compressors, I'm not sure about other daws. DB Audioware makes a pretty easy to use one that works across the board.
OK. . thats kind of what i was asking. .
that the one channel is just pushed out by the effect channel(or whatevr). . so it dont matter if the hrz cross or come close. .it will work like a parallel when the kick hits and will effect the bass or whatever you have it running with?

this can all just be done though with eq,envelopes, etc...
Yup, you got it. Compressors are really just automatic volume adjusters, so you could do all of the tweaking with envelopes yourself, but it'd take goddamn forever. EQing is a valuable skill too, but I find that sometimes it takes the good frequencies out of some sounds.
LoL. . i hear you. it does. .
i am still getting used to using reason and all of its upgrades year after year(after about 6 years). i finally am getting used to the sequencer. when reason first came out i hated the tracking part of it and wouldimport everything into cubase sx. . .
before that used acid and cubase. . mostly recorded samples and found sounds. .
and before that i used Buzz, which was just a tracker(which wasnt even a windows program. so everything was a bit harder to do) .specially with eqing sounds and trying to get around the G.I.G.O.  problems. . and not having sounds running into and through eachother(making everything sound like mush)
i guess i got to give in a lil and let the tools work for me instead of working against them(just in spite. .haha)

thanks alot though. . ill getb something up in  the next few weeks that i been working on.

I use Reason, and have had MANY valuable lessons on how to make it sound proper and not like Reason. It does take a lot of work. I am always down to collab and shit. Hit me up with a PM man.  
RIP Nerve Agent Recordings.
long time no see Filcher. . ima PM you
why and the reason I use side chaining is to allow a bass kick pop. I use it most in the "ducking" method. For example, the way I will use it is every time the bass will kick it will mute all other sounds in the track. I'll send the kick into a bass or synth stab. In that stab run a 4:1 compression run the threshold at about -40db with the knee at about 30%. The sad thing is that this was an cool studio technique but now they made "pre sidechained loops"
that youtube clip is cool. and thats pretty much how i understand it.

and yeah, i can see how the presets make it A WHOLE SHIT TON easier. . like i said before. they are making it SO much easier to get desired sounds. . for an old head like me it is kinda hard to switch over from my tried and proven ways. .

LMAO-->it was hard to switch over to widows based tracker program. .

but once i understand it, i might as well give these things a try

thanks guys. . i been supewr busy at work and have only been working on a small part of a track after work every day. . but when i start to put something together, ill put it up to see if i got it right

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