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i made this with all free shit...  you can get everything i used except cubase for free off of KVR audio....

Eviction - Splash1 by Eviction
Thanks J.  Just trying to prove a point to kids that think it's cool to rip off people who develop instruments, sample packs, etc.
This is some of the weakest shit I've ever heard....

I've been around for a minute....
Ok...don't think I need to cough up an explanation for my knee-jerk reaction up here.  

To be a bit more constructive, I don't believe Eviction here is a talentless hack or anything like that.  He obviously has some know-how.

The problem is with the free VST community.

I've messed with tons of free vsts and they all sound like garbage.  

Cue someone with "yeah but you can run them through fx and do all this other stuff".  

You can't polish a turd.

In this track in particular, there is this higher pitched tone going on.  It's insanely irritating and sounds like it's coming straight out of a tin can.

I respect the sentiment of not ripping off other people's hard work, but the free vst community is not the solution.  Whatever most of this stuff is created with (I assume a large majority is synthedit), it just doesn't have the balls needed to put out decent sound.

I'm even a fully registered and licensed user of Max for Live.  Despite the power behind it, the majority of stuff the average user puts out is worthless.

REALLY didn't mean any disrespect to Eviction here, I just wasn't in the state of mind to go into further detail with what I was thinking at the time.

Bottom line is, when it comes to the quality of the tools you use, you get what you pay for.

Funny thing is, those who actually rip off and illegally download those quality tools, very rarely have the competence to do anything worthwhile with them.

You can get a free load of crap off of KVR. I mean, free plugins work and all, but there's serious benefits to the plugins you pay for, such as gui practicality (e.g. massive) or built in effects. I think the main perk is less CPU load for some otherwise processor intensive patches, which means less (or even no) resampling. I used free plugins for a while, and I still have a few; but having the pros on your team enhances workflow for sure. Decent sounding tune, but my ears are a little biased from coming into this thread looking to battle. Post it again in a few months :P
I like this track dude!   I love really melodic breaks like this and they're not the easiest to come across.  Especially with as uplifting a feel as this one has.  

I'm hearing a HUGE breakdown in there though.  It's already kind of uplifting and trancey; you should really send it over the moon with a crazy breakdown.   That would be my only suggestion.  :-)  Not to be too negative but it does get to be slightly repetitive and a real huge emotional part of the song would really take it somewhere else.  I've listened through several times and each time felt that breakdown could go on a bit longer and be a little more involved.    

Positives? The melodies are pretty good, I like really basic yet catchy synth leads and stuff like that that stick in your head.  I also like the chord progression you went with.   Those arpeggiated things on top are really nice too.  I love cute-sounding happy shit like that.  

What you have down is really good and I'm happy to hear a locally made production in a genre I play for once!  haha  I'd actually love to play around with this one to be honest.   I always look for stuff like this to play in my breaks sets to offset the more intense grimy bassy stuff.   Overall good job!
Check out some mixes!  Trance and breaks.  and also
I like the melody. Pretty good track dude!
I do try to steer clear of free VST's just because, in my experience they sound, well, free. But you did a nice job here.
That said the $$$ I spend on VST's makes me wanna vomit sometimes but I love what I do.

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