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Take a sec to check out what I'm offering here, Im sure you will be interested. Theres an internet radio station based out of Youngstown, OH by the name of ruKus radio. They have no corporate playlists or regard for the mainstream. They have various live programming featuring jam bands, bluegrass, electronica and other varieties from the underground and festival scene. Until now they have had no shows featuring primarily DJ's and electronica based bands. Well I'm proud to announce that I will be hosting a show that will play exactly that. I will feature nothing but independent music mostly from cleveland/pittsburgh area. The purpose of the show will be to promote the little guy. To bring the underground dance music we all love to a public forum. All I need from you is your cooperation in getting your music heard. You can send me any tracks you would like people to hear. Make sure they are independent and do not sample any music from a major record label. This will help to get people familiar with your music. I in return will always be please to announce any upcoming releases and/or events. The station its self can be listened to by anyone with a smart phone or computer. The website features a chat where members can log in and interact with the djs and other listeners. It's all free in hopes of bringing to them the music people actually wanna hear, as well as promoting the local and regional music scene. Everyone wants their music heard and people at their shows. So help me help you and send me those tracks! I will get back to you as to when the show will be airing so you can tell everyone to tune in! (ps tracks under 10min are appreciated rather then hour long mixes)
Since there was a negative response from some of you for this I jsut wanted to say sorry for the methods. I didnt mean any disrespect. Just trying to help out you guys by getting originally produced tracks to those they may never here them otherwise. And hopefully get some fresh faces at your events. I appreciate what you guys do and thats why I suggested an electronic set on ruKus radio. Im not trying to advertise the station, I gain abosutely nothign from this venture except spreading the love. I appreciate those who have shown interest and apologize for those I offended.

Exciting news! Since its such a grey area. Those of you who do not produce entirely original tracks- If you purchase the tracks in your mix they may be considered if.... They dont sound mainstream. So if sounds too much like something that is played on the radio or in the club, this is not what were interested in. If they sound original then send em over for consideration. If I cant tell what song it is chances are most other people wont. If you paid for them and we are playing them for free there shouldnt be any issues. This is all new to me so bear with me. Hopefully those who run the station will approve of what I put together.
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I lik ethe idea dude. I'm a Pittsburgh producer who has yet to break out in any meaningful way. ANyway, here's a link to my Facebook page. Check out some of the tracks if you like ansd let me know what you think.

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