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I think there should be a way to automatically group a bunch of like tracks or mixes by a particular artist into one thread, mostly to prevent flooding; what usually happens when someone uploads their entire library. It could be kind of like an artist soundcloud thread maybe, where the thread bumps whenever a new track is added. Or maybe it could be like an index of threads a particular user has created, with a historical track listing on the right side of the page. That way, old tracks would get exposure, and artists who only release one track at a time (myself included) would get equal exposure to those who dump a year's worth of material in an hour. I'm usually hesitant to sift through a page of threads anyways; I think you'll find that most others are the same, having threads with 0 replies and only 5 views a pop. Just my
I do agree that the occasional whole library upload is an eye sore.  And yes it does push other new mix threads down on the messageboard main page.

Update the Mixes main page
The first thing I am going to change is how mixes are listed on the Mix page.  If you check out the Events main page, you'll see how I now list premium events in two columns.  I'm going to do this for the Mixes page.  This will allow new mixes to get seen twice as long.

Update the Messageboard main page
The next issue is the messageboard main page.  You know, the messageboard main page is both really handy and a pain in the ass.  Everyone reads the threads on the messageboard main page.  But god forbid that a thread falls to page two.  They seem to fall into the messageboard abyss.  

Even though there are tons of new threads on page two and beyond, rarely are they ever revisited.  I was thinking of making some type of list somewhere that would show old threads you posted in, that had replies, and were on page 2+.

To help alleviate the messageboard thread spam when a bunch of mixes are uploaded from the same artist, I could allow the first two mix threads to list correctly.  Anything additional mix threads on the same day would have a modified date and thus would be listed on page two.  

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You could put a stream in each person's profile of the last 5 threads they create/participated in.  Might be interesting and not all that difficult.

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