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Awesome! I'm going to eat this up. I used to cane this shit. I'm loving the new releases as well.  Good work man!
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Episode #42: Psilocybin [2002 Psy-trance]


Gil The DJ aka Goal Gil grew up in California through the sixties and was attracted to the San Francisco concert scene ‘s sound & light shows. By 1969 he grew fed up with the number of junkies who had crowded into San Francisco so he moved to India, where he encountered the sadhus – Hinduism’s wandering holy men. Gil followed them around to live in caves and he even wore the same robes. He continued to make his way to Goa every winter where he banged on acoustic guitars at drum circles. Eventually a man named Alan Zion smuggled a Fender PA to Goa and live guitar and pre-recorded band music became the soundtrack.

The crucial transition from guitars to electronic dance music came in 1983 when two French DJs named Fred & Laurent got sick of rock & reggae music. This was around the same time that “techno” had been proclaimed as well as “house music.” These two French dj’s used two cassette decks to cut and paste nightlong journeys of industrial music, electronic rock, Euro-disco and house. The mixes were designed to amplify the experience for psychedelic partygoers. Soon these dj’s were able to acquire underground music from the west. Sven Vath, a German trance producer/dj, showed up in Goa as one of the first booked nationally known dj’s.

Unfortunately the partygoers were not transitioning entirely well to full-on techno. They were very attached to Bob Marley and Santana and The Rolling Stones. The dj’s who were playing primarily techno were often assaulted by people demanding rock music. Goa DJ’s were soon able to plug the functional needs of heavy psychedelic trance dancers into the musical picture. Within a few years a distinct sound emerged. DJ Laurent admitted in an interview that people took a very strong disliking to electronic dance music in Goa, but once a formula was conceived for producing music that catered to people on psychedelic drugs there was a better response.

Towards the end of the 1980s the tracks played at Goa parties were produced primarily in the West with the colony of Goa in mind. Some trance records were made in Goa but not many. As time went on the evolution of the Goa trance state of mind continued as the word spread about the parties in this tiny state. Artistic developments began to emerge as visual artists displayed tapestries and paintings at events. Such art was visually stimulating to those who delved into the entire experience of “psy-trance.” The hypnotic, pulsing melodies & rhythms of psytrance mixed with lights, visual artwork displays and the hallucinations caused by psychedelic drugs created a blend created out of this world experiences for those who succumbed to the experience.

In 1993, Juno Reactor released their first single titled “Laughing Gas.” Shortly following this came a full on release titled “Transmissions” which is considered to be one of the first official goa trance releases. They also remixed a tune which became the theme for the Mortal Kombat movie in 1995.

By the end of the nineties, the psytrance culture had developed a large following worldwide. The music was not considered maintstream and often events were hosted which catered specifically to psytrance. By the year 2000 an Israeli group called Infected Mushroom became one of the most widely known acts of this nature. Their breakthrough album came just a year earlier titled “The Gathering.” Other artists such as Astral Projection, Hallucinogen, Man With No Name and Shpongle had become popular. Around that same time frame a record label named Tip World was pressing releases by artists like Logic Bomb, Yahel, Bio-Tonic, and Absolum.

While psytrance had gained much popularity, the genre was not a major feature at raves in Europe or America. It was also very rare to find a club that catered to psytrance. The genre was very limited to festivals, however this was not the case for countries like Brazil, Israel, and India. Psytrance in those countries became part of the majority of genres featured at events, if not the most widely represented by dj’s and show promoters of their regions.

The visual artwork at these events which included paintings and tapestries were often created using fluoro (fluorescent paint). The fluorenscent paint was used to reflect off of blacklights. The artwork often associated topics like aliens, Hinduism, or other religious images. The religious images were often eastern traditions. Mushrooms, Shamanism, and technology were also other topics used in the artwork.

Investigating deep into the spiritual realm of psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms indicates that human beings have been combining music and hallucinogenics since the Paleolithic Period. The oldest representation of mushrooms were produced as rock paintings in the Sahara Desert which date back to about 5000 BC. Images of enormous mythological beings of human or animal form were often depicted side by side with a host of small horned and feathered beings in dancing poses. One of the most important rock painting scenes was found in the Tin-Tazarift rock art site at Tassili, depicting a series of masked figures in line and dressed as dancers currounded by geometrical designs. Each dancer in the painting is holding mushroom-like objects with parallel lines extending from the mushroom into the head of the dancer.

In modern tribal areas the concept of shamanism is still prevalent. Shamanism is an ancient form of healing but shamans also excercise using hallucinogens to invoke shamanic spiritual journeys. The connection that we have in modern times at festivals and parties where hallucinogens are prevalent is that we are carrying on a tradition that dates back to prehistoric times. The psytrance methodology encompasses both musical and spiritual aspects of the rave scene, taking it to a level that is not necessarily the norm for other genres.

This mix was recorded sometime in 2002. In early 2001 a dj named Swayd from my hometown introduced me to psytrance at a rave I hosted called "Let's Roll." Since then I followed many psytrance parties and collected records. My aspiration was to become a psytrance dj around that time but my collection remained fairly limited. I made several mixes just for fun but never followed through. This is one of the better compilations that I put together.

Walhalla - Beathe In
Talamasca - Telepathic Atmospheres
Logic Bomb - Frequent Flyers
Opus Magnum - Three Elements (Mental Remix)
Delirious - Mushroom God
Alien Project - Artificial Beings
Atomic Pulse - Psychoactive
Absolum - Recovery
Twister - Venom
POTS & Chris Organic - Tuna Salad
Pixel - Black In, Black Out | |
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Episode #43: Battlebots


Having learned about the beginnings of the rave scene around the United States the story always seems the same. House music was getting some play throughout the eighties but not quite catching on to the level where it could be played exclusively. Around the turn of the decade at the beginning of the nineties raves began to flourish around the United States and clubs that were playing a mixture of music began to hire dj’s that played strictly house music and techno. This story can be revisited in almost every major area city in the country; however it is important to recognize that each of these cities still tells their own story. It’s also a very difficult notion to capture & combine into a short, concise and effective write-up.

The earliest underground parties in Nevada were hosted in the Black Rock Desert about 100 miles from Reno. The first of these parties was hosted in 1990. The surviving members of the Suicide Club of San Francisco started a newsletter which publicized these first underground Black Rock Desert events as “Zone Trip #4.” The organizers of Zone Trip#4 were Kevin Evans & John Law. Other events were also hosted in the Black Rock Desert at this time featuring house music dj’s. In 1991 a team made up of John Evans, John Law, Michael Mikel, Larry Harvey and Jerry James got a legal permit from the Bureau of Land Management to host an annual gathering in the desert, planting the seeds of Black Rock City LLC – the group that created the Burning Man Festival.

Another early party in Nevada was hosted in Reno and was titled “Stretcheads” which was hosted in 1990, around the same time as the Black Rock Renegades. Stretcheads was a chance for dj’s to come together and play music while party people dressed up, danced and had fun. The notion of a “rave” had not yet been publicized much throughout the United States at the time. The venue was hosted at the Grange Hall located at the base of Mt. Rose Highway between Reno & Carson City. One of the first major parties that was thrown inside Reno was in 1991. This rave was titled “Rise Again” and was held at the Livestock Events Center on N. Wells Ave. A small collective of house music dj’s at this time in Reno consisted of Christophe, Olivier Desmet, and Richy Rich to name a few.

Things began to pick up for Reno by 1992 as the nearby San Francisco scene continued to flourish. In Reno, DJ Christophe started Brilliant Productions and hosted monthly events outside of Spark, NV in the warehouses near Stanford Way. Monday night parties popped up around this same time frame which were held at the Visions gay bar which was located on Kietzke Lane.

DJ Sulli hosted his first party on Sunday April 25, 1992 which was titled “Micro-cosm.” The party was hosted near Tahoe City and featured Christophe. Sulli was also on this lineup and spinning his first set in front of people. Other parties during this era ranged from being hosted in farmland on the outskirts of Reno which is now known as the Double Diamond to the Town Center Mall.
Between 1993 & 1995 a venue called “The Fallout Shelter” which often hosted punk shows became a popular spot in Reno. This venue was located in the basement of a gay bar called Alley Cats. The dj’s primarily spun house music at this time and The Fallout Shelter was pulling at least 400 party people on a weekly basis. When compared to other areas during this time period, 400 people was a nice size but still considered small. Cofa Margarita on Virginia Ave was a popular venue as well as Icehouse at 310 Spokane St.

Some would argue that the first peak in the Reno scene came around 1996 & 1997. A party called Ultra which was hosted in February of 1997 at a skate warehouse was busted for violating firecode & capacity laws. The party was off to an amazing start but was shut down by 1:30am by the police and fire marshall. From 1997 to 2000 house dj’s began moving into nightclubs while underground rave dj’s were playing breaks, trance, drum & bass, and happy hardcore. The dj scene had begun to unfold from a few smaller collectives to large numbers of dj’s that were hard to keep track of.

In 2000 the Eskador crew of dj’s came together. They eventually changed their name to Annpro which consisted of DJ Poindexter and David Aaron to name a couple. They hosted one of the biggest parties that Reno had ever seen. The event was called Mission To Mars and drew 1600 people to the main showroom of the Ramada. That same year the Burning Man festival saw it’s first wave of law enforcement activity where more than 50 people were arrest for minor drug charges and the Bureau of Land Management issued citations. That number rose in 2001 when over 100 BLM citations were given out as well as several arrests.

By 2002, Burning Man received it’s first FAA approved airport and the festival was progressively gaining more news coverage. This is a testament to how much the festival had grown from it’s roots at the start of the nineties. In the Reno rave scene, newer dj’s and party promoters began to establish themselves. Music styles began to change and a large majority of event information was being communicated through a discussion forum called [there is much mor einfo to cover, which will be posted soon...stay tuned!]

This mix was recorded live in December 2001. It was initially distributed as "Love Of Life Mix 1." The entire set is 2 hours long.

Benedictus - Nightmare
JS-16 - Stompin' To My Beat
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams 2000
Sil - Windows 98
Commander Tom - Eye Bee Em
SM Trax - Ignition!
DJ Quicksilver - Timerider
Baby Doc? - Higher
Tony De Vit - I Don't Care | |
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hump | |
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Jesus Christ chad. I don't even know what to say anymore. Just.. Fuck.
Also some things just shouldnt be shared with the general population...or even on a message board...definately not here on Lolli.
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Post from BOINGTHUMPJesus Christ chad. I don't even know what to say anymore. Just.. Fuck.
It's definitely getting closer & closer to the end of the series though...  Still gotta cover the 2nd rise of HHC, Europe in 2000-esq, Brazil, electro rising & dubstep | |
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