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Well there is a lot of talent in the area as far as techno goes.  There never has been the support it deserves unfortunately.  All you can do is keep working at it.  I have been hearing some nice techno lately, I'd like to mix some in with my techno influenced dubstep.  I need to dig a little more though.

techno influenced dubstep?  i'd like to hear that, i can't imagine how it would sound...hmmmm
whats this?
Original post from shadowstarr
techno influenced dubstep?  i'd like to hear that, i can't imagine how it would sound...hmmmm
Here check this out.  It's a Dj Pinch mix from the Mary Anne Hobbs show a couple weeks ago.  I left her introduction on there cuz it explains a lot.]dj pinch on mary anne hobbs.mp3 - 60.38MB

DJ Pinch: Techno vs. Dubstep Mix
Pinch - Trauma (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz - Creeper (Dubplate)
Peverelist - The Grind (Punch Drunk)
Headhunter - Quantum (Dubplate)
Atki2 - Architect (Dubplate)
Appleblim - Vansan (Skull Disko)
2562 - Channel Two (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
2nd II None - Waterfall (Dubplate)
Marc Ashken - Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix) (forthcoming on Leftroom)
Cyrus (Random Trio) - Dark Future (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
Pinch - Battered (Dubplate)
Henry & Louis meets Blue & Red, featuring Tony Tuff - Answer (Pinch Remix) (forthcoming on 2 Kings)
Pinch - 134 Trek (Dubplate)

Oh noes the dubstepalists took over another thread!  ;)

Fixed for the lazy crew

i'm lovin this dubstep mix, its exactly what i've been looking for ;)
whats this?
i think the reason people keep experiencing this "elitist attitude" among DnB listeners nowadays is because, at least in Pittsburgh, its the "cool thing to listen to".. so people start listening to it, and they have an image in their mind of what they think a "junglist" shouid be, and they try to act the part... honestly i remember back around '00 i got the same vibe from the "old school ravers" listening to hard house wearing the Kickwears, buttondown shirt and loose tie... not saying everyone was like that, but a lot of the people who jumped onto that bandwagon looked down on everyone else... anyone who just jumps on the bandwagon of the newest trends is usually going to be sportin' a "holier than thou" attitude (to copy off of previous posts)..

and honestly, when has lolli NOT been full of drama and hate? well, when it first started it was more for getting in touch with friends but once it blew up it became drama central. of course people are going to talk shit on lolli. there should be an unspoken rule that  everyone should expect shit talking in every thread. its kind of a downer, but its just the internet. lots of the long-time (lifers) drum n bass fans dont even come on this site. the people who literally come right out and say "drum n bass is the best, and everything else sucks, and you suck if you dont like it too" are probably going to be saying the same thing about another genre of music in a few years, and talking shit on Drum 'n Bass... good riddance to 'em!

That was a great post but seeing your SN just made me wanna put Deloused on.  
Check out some mixes!  Trance and breaks.  and also
Holy ass kids. First thing:

Happy Hardcore = Ultra Mega Gay, I mean seriously;
Uk 150bpm Techno or whatever = gay;
Trance(all varieties) = gay;
Hard House = Gay;

DNB = the shit.

suck it.
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