Sertac Sahin

Sertac Sahin

Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
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Significant Start
In 1999, Sertac began his musical career in his native city, Istanbul, Turkey, at the Fine Arts Conservatory, where he studied classical piano and flute for five years. In 2004, he graduated with a diploma in Classical Music Studies.

Simultaneous Stimulation
During these years, however, classical music was just not enough! While listening to the sounds of Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Liszt, he expanded his audio repertoire to include jazz, Latin beats, and all categories of electronic music.

Studio Story
His educational background, doubled with his love of instrumental arrangements, ignited Sertac’s interest in studio production, where he could combine both knowledge and sheer talent to compose and produce music based on his own original ideas.

In 2002, Sertac created an in-home studio space, where he began experimenting with various instruments and sound combinations, while practicing his dj skills. This became his “playground” for sound!

Sound Sense
Sertac has always felt that in order to be a good sound artist, one first has to appreciate the elements of sound. While understanding pitch, rhythm, melody, and harmony is crucial, being in touch with a deeper sense of sound perception or “flow” that exists behind creative composition is vital. Sertac’s music stems from this recipe for sound. House music, progressive house, and tech-house music styles embody and continue to represent Sertac’s journey in music.

Solid Style
His style in both djing and production is incomparable! While djing, he is quietly confident in knowing what people want to hear; he senses the spirit of the crowd and works with the energy present. From the dj booth, he is an architect of sound, starting with a soulful rhythmic foundation and building level by level with ascending and blending grooves and beats, sending the crowd on a journey in sound.

At the heart of Sertac’s production style lays inspiration, modest ambition, and a burning desire to share quality sound with the people.

Sincere Support
Undeniably, an integral part of what makes Sertac Sahin stellar at what he does is his genuine support of other artists; Sertac trusts that from giving comes receiving. Therefore, he willingly shares his ideas and experiences with recording artists and labels.

Since 2006, Sertac has worked with Ahmet Sendil at Bosphorus Underground and M-Vitamin record labels in Istanbul; he has also collaborated with Funkfield Recordings in Istanbul. He has contributed mixes and re-mixes for Rene Benoit’s Move the Masses Recordings in Montreal, Quebec. And Sertac is presently working on several projects with Sam Young at NodFactor Recordings in London.

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