Exxie Lane

Exxie Lane

Influences: defunct! lefunnk,brisk,hixxy,tom wonder,jack beats, and many more
Location: youngstown ohio / pittsburgh PA
Lolli Profile: http://www.lolli.org/Members/Topogigio
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Born on September 25th on the beach of Siesta Key Located in Sarasota Florida Exxie began her journey to become who we all know as Exxie. At age 2 she moved from the warm climate and blue salt waters of her native Florida to Youngstown Ohio where she was ultimately raised. From age 15 Exxie has been a magnet to our scene that we call rave, from glowsticks to kandi Exxie has been around for the long haul. After taking a short break she dove head first into a life changing decision to futher her love of everything EDM. After much training and countless hours alone Exxie transformed into the Fidget & Hardstyle addicted table spinning Dj that we all know and love. In the summer of 2011 she purchased her first set of CDJ's tho not the greatest make have proven to be worthy of face melting ear shattering jaw dropping sets she drops everytime she spins. Through her moves to pittsburgh and all around ohio Exxie has aquired one thing most dont have. The motivation to rise above the rest to be the greatest and the most important of all, the ability to get your asses moving. The part girl part hardcore raver & bass slut still prides her self on one attribute. Being "100% one of a kind" So in your travels through facebook and beyond keep your eyes peeled and ears open to Topogigio the one woman army thats redefining fidget!

like i find it more fulfilling to me than half of the things i have going on gabbys number one but my music has quickly taken the passenger seat to my life. i never thought id find something i was good at that i loved but i guess i was wrong" - myself

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