Ali3n I

Ali3n I

Influences: Main Influences:
Aliens, crazy bass lines, melodic hooks, with an outer space / robotic atmosphere .

Other artist :

All my friends that mix and produce mainly , for big name influences - Flux Pavillion, Xilent, Deadmau5, feed me, Above and Beyond, Downlink, Excision, and so much more.
Location: Cleveland / Akron Ohio

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for more info on Ali3n I - Google the name :)

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  Ali3n I (Sean M Kratz) has composed electronic music since 2006, starting out as a trance/filth house artist and evolving into what he likes to call “Botstep”. “Botstep” has a heavy use of filth, mechanics, atmosphere, and glitch within Dubstep. Growing up in a musical family, with his Father being a musician, and being in a variety of death metal bands since age 15, he had plenty of help along the way in understanding and wanting to do something more, something to release his inter-being.
From a contextual perspective, since childhood he was intrigued and excited about transformers (mostly Decepticons and Shockwave), and astrophysics, which helped create an army of one, with an iron fist, by the integration of music and art.
Mid 2011, he began learning how to mix his music for a live set, and along the way this evolved into the mechanics of Ali3n I.

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