Influences: 720 Bass, Krafty Kuts, 2 Bit Thugs, Against the Grain, Ashes, Backdraft, Bassrock Records, Bassbin Twins, Baymont Brothers, Agent K, 4Kuba, Access Denied, B Rich, Crookers, Sharaz, MykeyMike, Dopamine, Dj Dan, Dj Icey, DigitalBill, Distortiion, Fixx, Deekline, Dom Almond, Botchit & Scarper, Duel Calibre, Dustin Hilton, Ed Rush, Farace, Flookilla, Ed Solo, Elite Force, Evil Nine, Ed209, Figure, Freestylers, General Midi, Groove Diggerz, Heapy, Hybrid, Jimmy Van M, James Zabiela, Kraymon, Left / Right, Meat Katie, Lot 49, Medway, Mr. No Hands, Justin Faze, Jay Brooks, Hostage, Imogen Heap, Kickflip, Karton, Mesmer, Myagi, Lee Combs, Line of Sight, Keith Mac, Run Riot, Seb Fontaine, Star 69, PeterPaul, Napt, Pyramid, RSK, Sam Hell, Specimen A, Starkillers, Specter, Rektchordz, REL1, Splitloop,Vent, Zodiac Cartel, Whiskey Pete, Streetwise, Uberzone, Vandal
Location: Ohio
Contact: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Abduction/124376274286566
Lolli Profile: http://www.lolli.org/Members/ABDUCTION
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Abduction began in the nightclub circuit in 1993 in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He began as a fan and a promoter, frequenting clubs like Diamantes, Groove Jet, Paragon, Paradox, Club Boca, Firestone, The Edge (Both in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando), Simon's in Gainesville, the list goes on and on....and as he approached his mid 20's he went from a fan of the music to a DJ.

The South Beach scen...e had set the standard for his musical taste. It was time to take those experiences and mold them into his own show and sound.

Now, with the influence of the 'Rust Belt' in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland and Buffalo; Abduction molds his sound into a coordinated effort between north and south. Current and old music alike, mixed to his own beat.

All you have to do is see him once to understand what he means by this statement - crowd pleasing, cutting & slicing, it's definitely a show you will remember.

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