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On December 31, 2012, New Year's Eve, Stay Up Forever DJ Aaron Liberator will be at Time Travel 2012 for his first ever Pittsburgh, PA performance. We were able to ask Aaron a few questions for a Exclusive Interview.

LOLLI: Hi Aaron! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

AARON :No Problem.

LOLLI: How has your holiday season been so far?

AARON :I think my holiday season so far is the same as for most people, rushing around, doing the Christmas shopping at the last minute.

LOLLI: Any New Year’s resolutions?

AARON :Getting healthy as possible, when you get to your 40’s, it plays on your mind more, especially if you have children.

LOLLI: Will Time Travel 2012 be your first Pittsburgh appearance?

AARON :Yes it will and I am very excited because I have always heard good things about the scene there.

LOLLI: So when, and how, did you get into DJing?

AARON :The first signs of wanting to DJ was when I started going to clubs in London when I was 19, as a music lover it seemed the a great way to impose yourself on people without having any musical skills. Back in 1989 I shared a house with a soul DJ who had a very basic set of decks, he encouraged me to have a go and the obsession began.  

LOLLI: Give us a little information about the Stay Up Forever Collective. When and how did it start, how has it evolved over the years, what are your goals, how do you see it progressing and growing in years to come?

AARON :Stay Up Forever started out in 1993 as 12” record label run by the Liberators, from our base in North London, we soon connected with up and coming producers D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DDR and The Geezer who really shaped the acid techno sound. We soon realised that we wanted to do other styles which didn’t include the acid sound of the 303, so Cluster our first techno label was born in 1994. Chris came up with the idea that we could become a label collective, manufacturing and selling record labels started by some of our friends and any new ones we wanted to do. By the start of 2004 we had 24 active labels on the books such as D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s Hydraulix label, Guy McAffer’s with RAW and Ant with Powertools. Looking forward the acid techno scene has become smaller but more devoted and it’s this devotion that makes us want to continue. We are having a renaissance with the music at the minute as it is of a very high standard and perfectly represents us.

LOLLI: Now you are one of three Liberator DJ’s, Chris and Julian being the other two. How did the three of you come together to become the Liberators? How does your solo set differ from those you play with the other Liberator’s?

AARON :We first got together through friends in 1991 and hit it off immediately just from talking about the music we liked. Then the opportunity to organise a large house party came about so we had to quickly learn how to play the records as best we could, so you could say we were thrown in at the deep end but survived because the party was awesome. The good thing I thing about the 3 of us together is the fact that we are not only very different in personalities but also have different approach to the music. Julian was always the tough and hard techno man, Chris played the uplifting hard raving set, where as I would play a deeper more trippy style, now I play very similar to Chris, as we both are trying to represent the London techno and acid techno as we both feel it is wickedly infectious dancefloor music that just has to be heard.

LOLLI: You’ve had a chance to play all over the world… what has been one of your most memorable performances? Why?

AARON :Poland comes to mind as where ever you play you have a crazy crowd going completely mental. Best gig in there?... that would have to be Tramtek, which was a party on a regular public tram going through the streets of Krakow, full of crazed ravers, disco lights, a smoke machine and a banging sound system which was a very strange sight to all the people who were out late night shopping in the town centre.

LOLLI: Do you have any pre-show or post-show rituals?

AARON :Not really, I just like to check out the DJ before me to see what he is playing and how it is going down and I think it is good to get your ears used to the sound system as well.

LOLLI: What’s the one thing you always make sure to bring (aside from music and DJ equipment) when you’re on tour?

AARON :Books and a travel pillow.

LOLLI: What is your guilty pleasure musically?

AARON :Rod Stewart (the early years)

LOLLI: What is your favorite junk food?

AARON :Pizza

LOLLI: What can we expect from you in 2012?

AARON :I hope you will get to hear a lot more self produced tracks but the biggest thing for me in 2012 is the year long celebration of Stay Up Forever getting to 100 releases. We are releasing four special SUF 100 vinyls and downloads with a vinyl box set to follow, an exhibition in London about the underground party scene, and some special, parties with main artists from SUF. Its going to be a great year for the music as some of the stiff coming through is absolutely brilliant.

LOLLI: And finally… do you think the world will be ending next year?

AARON :For us yes, for Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, maybe not.

LOLLI: Again, thank you so much for taking the time for this Exclusive Interview!

AARON :Thanks very much.

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