Interviews and Articles Exclusive Interview with Shawn Rudiman
LOLLI: So Shawn, just how long have you been in the game?

SHAWN: i dont play the game. i just make music...ive been making music and releasing music since 1991.  thats when the first release from me came out. Total Harmonic Distortion- "Mechanical Advantage". ebm industrial music.

LOLLI: How did you get your start?

SHAWN: spent some earned money and bought some gear. then spent alot of time learning, listening, writing and programming. iv always loved rhtyhm and music. synthesizers made me crazy as a kid in the late 70's and 80's (yes thats when i was  a "kid" ...). they still do. they drive my music. i love them as much as music itself.

LOLLI: How do you describe the music you produce and play?

SHAWN: i make techno. soulful, deep, jacking and funky techno. techno is one of the foundation styles of dance music. it will be here as long as electricity is.

LOLLI: How have you, and your sound, evolved since you began?

SHAWN: ive learned to be more patient and less aggressive with sounds and rhythms. still edgey and foreward but not harsh and relentless.  ive found that i like things that pull your emotions with more than just anger or unfocussed energy. soulfullness some would call it. funkiness as well.

LOLLI: What makes your performances unique?

SHAWN: aint no computers used. no laptops, no macs. its all hardware. then its all improvised on the spot. no preplanning involved. all the drums, basslines and synth sounds are programmed and written on the spot. about 90% of it is all off the cuff and in the moment. llike old jazz guys used to do. the more impromptu and chance of failure. ..the more live and better it can be.

LOLLI: Give us some insight to your setup. What is your studio like? What equipment do you use? What is your setup like at shows?

SHAWN: my studio is 30 years of machines. i cannot describe it really... the main piece i use in almost every thing i do is an MPC 3000. everything else changes with every song.  live is a very different and stripped set up. its efficient and oriented towards live creation and editing as fast and easily as possible. its much less crazy and esoteric. but its just asn flexable if not more. you have to know how to get the most out of every machine. every last drop needs o be squeezed out.

LOLLI: What artists in the industry are you influenced by? Outside the industry?

SHAWN: inside what you call the industry: alot of detroit music for sure. how can you not. everything you hear and like influences you. no matter what it is.  i listen to alot of synth pop from the 80's, old industrial-ebm, big band and jazz from the 40-to the 70's, dico, funk, classic rock, alternative. ill listen to anything that catches my ear . from folk to abstract noise shit.

LOLLI: What has been one of your most memorable performances?

SHAWN: playing in berlin several times at TRESOR club and OSTGUT and BERGHIAN, and  also playing in paris at BATOFAR on the boat/club thats on on the river.

LOLLI: If you weren't producing, or involved in anything musically, what do you think you'd be doing?

SHAWN: bulding synths and building things. furniture and the likes. also riding road bikes alot and camping.

LOLLI: What projects are on the horizon in 2012 and beyond?

SHAWN: several records are on their way out now and also i just became part of the 80 AGENCEY based here in pittsbugh. this is going to be great for our city and myself. it puts a much larger dot on the map for our city . also i have severl gigs booked allready for myself and the legendary claude young to do the versus kind of set we did for the humanuat crew here. those are in portland, boulder and philadelphia in the mid spring. things are looking up.

LOLLI: What can guests expect of your Time Travel performance this year?

SHAWN: funky and deep. but in no ways sleep or boring. nasty grooves, hooky basslines and jacking percussion. lots of nice chords and synth lines. things im kinda known for...

LOLLI: And finally.... zombies or vampires?

SHAWN: werewolves. im neither a zombie or vampire kinda guy. im all lycan.

LOLLI:  Thanks Shawn! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

SHAWN: thanks for the interview and hopefully this time around pittsburghs scene will continue to hang around and grow. not explode and then disapear like last time.  peace.

Want to listen to music by Shawn Rudiman? Check out some of his tunes here (

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