Interviews and Articles & Spinr Exclusive Interview with R3HAB
On Thursday, December 1, 2011, rising Dutch DJ and producer R3hab put on an incredible show at Static Pgh, Pittsburgh's one and only all EDM nightclub. Prior to the show, and Spinr sat down together with R3HAB for an in depth, collaborative Exclusive Interview.

LOLLI: I'm Sara, with Amanda, and we are doing a wonderful collab, a and Spinr interview tonight with R3HAB, and the lovely Amanda, is going to pick his brain for a quick interview.

SPINR: Absolutely we are!

SPINR: So how has your Pittsburgh experience been so far?

R3HAB: Cold!

SPINR: Cold!?

R3HAB: Yes we just came from Vegas and L.A. so the weather's a little better!

SPINR: Did you pack well?

R3HAB: Actually not! I forgot my jacket in Europe, and we're going to Vancouver and Toronto and then China so I have to get something. But I'm actually used to the cold weather of course because the Netherlands and Amsterdam are not so hot!

SPINR: As cold as it is here, do you plan on heating it up tonight?

R3HAB: For sure. It's already hotter in the club and we will make it sweat! Make it sweat like 112!

SPINR: Make it sexy! And apparently sexy is one of your influences... what are some of your other influences? What do you consider yourself?

R3HAB: Energy, just energy... and a good time, having fun, partying. Electronic music. It's what we're about this year, next year, and following years.

SPINR: Electronic music has blown up! Skrillex got nominated for how many Grammy's, five? How do you feel about that, that electronic music is blowing up?

R3HAB: He got nominated for one really special, best new artist. That was really a surprise, that award usually goes to rappers, singers... Skrillex is really good. I think his Mothership tour looks awesome. I saw him at EDC, he's ones of the high energy guys.

SPINR: Now who do you admire in the electro-house scene?

R3HAB: I like Skrillex, I like Zedd, who did the remix for Save the World, Afrojack of course, and Deadmau5 of course... he's been around so long. What I like now about him is he does really special shows. He invests a lot in his shows. You have to be very busy continuing to innovate the lighting show, and the visuals, and his music, and his mouse heads. Like he could have easily said, "I'm just going to have one mouse head, and that's it," but every time he tries to renew... like in Vegas he had one with little chops... how you say? Swiss cheese.

SPINR: It's a performance!

R3HAB: Yeah, I think those guys really bring it to the next level for us newer guys. Like, hey that's where we want to be in a few years.

SPINR: Now how do you bring it to the next level?

R3HAB: Well hopefully make more records, focus on a lot of originals next year, hopefully also do the big shows in 2012, of course like EDC, everyone wants to do EDC, and Coachella and Ultra, et cetera, et cetera. Let's hope that will work out!

SPINR: Now I'm going to pass you off to my good friend Sara from Lolli! Thank you so much!

LOLLI: Okay, basically, I'm going to do a two minute rundown. Answer any question you can, as quickly as you can!

R3HAB: Yeah, no problem!

LOLLI: Favorite type of cheese.

R3HAB: Uhh... haha.

LOLLI: PASS! Okay... what is your pre-show ritual?

R3HAB: Actually a nap!

LOLLI: That has been a very popular answer!  What has been your favorite part of a country, of the world, that you've ever been to on tour?

R3HAB: I like everything of course, but in the summer I like Miami, I love good weather so... everywhere that has good weather!

LOLLI: A beach guy, you're a beach guy! Okay if you could play any show, any tour, in the world what would it be?

R3HAB: I'm really hoping for Coachella because I've heard so much about it and it's in the middle of nowhere and I've never been there.

LOLLI: Okay, let's see... what is my last one going to be? If you were stranded on a desert island with an ipod with only one artist in the world on it, what would it be?

R3HAB: Hahaha... I have no idea, because one artist would be very boring! But um... no idea....

LOLLI: That's a great answer. So anyhow, we're going to finish it up. This has been a collaboration between Spinr Pgh and Visit, visit, and you'll get many more interviews like this. Thanks guys!

R3HAB: Peace!

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