Interviews and Articles Exclusive Interview with Insomniac Events
Recently, I was able to get an in depth Exclusive Interview with the team at Insomiac Events, the masterminds behind the massive Electric Daisy Carnival, and many other nationwide events. In this LEI, Insomniac covers how they got their start to their impressive roster of events to what we can expect from them in 2012!

LOLLI: To start things off, give us a brief idea of who you guys are, what you do, what you’re best known for, etc.

Insomniac: Insomniac produces high-quality dance music events that provide attendees with a fully integrated audiovisual experience. We are best known for our Electric Daisy Carnival event, which now takes place in Las Vegas.

LOLLI: Insomniac’s tag line, “Wide awake since 1993,” is pretty impressive. You’ve been around a while. Can you take us back to the beginning? Who started it? Why? What were some of the first events?

Insomniac: Pasquale Rotella is the founder and CEO of Insomniac Events. He started the company in 1993, producing small weekly events called "Insomniac Fridays." Now Nocturnal Wonderland, which started in 1995, is Insomniac's longest running festival.
I can't say what exactly was in Pasquale's mind when creating the company. The one thing I could say... is that he loves when people around him are having a good time.

LOLLI: When did you realize that Insomniac was really gaining momentum in the U.S. EDM scene?

Insomniac: Insomniac started gaining some momentum back in 2000 when our Nocturnal Wonderland event, held at the Empire Polo Fields in the city of Indio, attracted over 40,000 people, making it the biggest electronic music festival in the U.S. In 2007 we made our biggest move to date: we moved our summer festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, from San Bernardino, CA, to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum near Downtown Los Angeles. Soon after, even people outside of the EDM community began to take notice of the event, and our visibility just continued to grow. Now, EDC is known all over the world. Top DJs love playing at it and fans love coming back. It's an amazing experience.

LOLLI: How many people are on the Insomniac Team?

Insomniac: The Insomniac team consists of 20 people, not counting the thousands of people we hire for the events throughout the year.

LOLLI: From just one look at your website, Insomniac has a LOT going on. At one time, how many events on average is Insomniac planning or involved in?

Insomniac: The amount of events we have varies from month to month. Right now we are doing more planning than ever before. We have over 50 events just between now and the end of the year, and we are already deep in the planning process for a new weekly coming to LA and Las Vegas in January called Funktion. We also have a heavy focus right now on Beyond Wonderland, which will take place on St. Patrick's Day. The biggest thing on our minds, however, is EDC 2012.

LOLLI: Let’s talk about Electric Daisy Carnival, which is probably your most well known event. Early on, what were your goals? Did you plan for the event to still be going strong over a decade later? What were some surprises along the way? What were some difficulties?

Insomniac: The first EDC was just a few thousand people at the Shrine Auditorium near USC. Rabbit in the Moon headlined. There was only one stage. And there were a bunch of carnival rides outside. I cannot say whether Pasquale and his team thought EDC could conceivably come to where it is today, but Pasquale has definitely always been the type of person to set his sights high.
One big obstacle for us was losing the Coliseum. But that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is so incredible. However, everybody feels that EDC should happen in LA again one day because its roots are so deeply tied to this city.

LOLLI: Recently, Insomniac posted a press release on the Economic Impact Report by Beacon Economics, LLC. on how the 2011 EDC affected Las Vegas this past summer. The overall figure for the 3 day festival was $136 million pumped into the Clark County economy. That is an incredible amount of money for one county to receive, especially during the current economic state.  How did you feel when you received that report? Do you think that amount will increase in 2012?

Insomniac: We always knew that our events bring a lot of income into the cities where we have them, so the report did not come as much of a surprise to us.
And we do believe that EDC Vegas 2012 will have an even bigger impact on the economy of Clark County. Without a doubt.

LOLLI: What can we expect for EDC 2012? Any big changes?

Insomniac: We are very excited for EDC 2012. We do already have some huge surprises in store for our fans, but they cannot yet be revealed!

LOLLI: What else can we expect from Insomniac in 2012… and beyond?

Insomniac: In 2012, we will be adding a new festival called Wasteland which will focus solely on dubstep, drum & bass, and hard dance. We are also expanding to new markets in 2012 - both inside and outside the United States. More information will be available soon at and

LOLLI: Anything else you'd like to add?

Insomniac: We would like to thank everyone who supports us and attends our events year after year. Our fans are the reason why we push ourselves to be the best at what we do.

Want to learn more about Insomniac Events? Check out his site here (

Want to check out Electric Daisy Carnival? Check out their site here (

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