Interviews and Articles Exclusive Interview with Gigantor of Evol Intent
Evol Intent is headed to Pittsburgh this Friday to play the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh's historic South Side. I was able to catch up with Mike, aka "Gigantor", of the Atlanta-based hardstep drum and bass group, for a Exclusive Interview. We cover everything from the beginning to their unique sound to side projects... and he even tells us about a time he got stranded in the middle of eastern Ohio!

LOLLI: Hey Mike. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to let us pick your brain a bit! So... pre-2000, when Evol Intent formed, what were all of you doing? How did you meet and what made you decide to combine forces?

GIGANTOR: We were all doing various musical projects.  Previously to our involvement in dance music, Knick, Enemy, and myself all previously played in bands (punk/hardcore rock bands), and we all made our way over to EDM.  The Enemy was building a name of his own in the mid-west, and Knick and myself were DJing around the southeast.

LOLLI: And the names… I love them. Knick, Gigantor, and the Enemy, all under the name Evol Intent. How did those come about?

GIGANTOR: I can't speak for Knick and the Enemy, but I got my name from doing a radio interview in my old band, when the DJ called me the 'Gigantor bassist,' so it just sort of stuck.  

LOLLI: You have a very unique and unmistakable sound. Where did that come from? Do you have any artists that have influenced that sound along the way?

GIGANTOR: When we started we were heavily influenced by older glitch artists like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, etc. as well as the usual DnB guys from the late nineties/early 2000s like Konflict, Tech Itch, Dom, but also lots of non-EDM bands at the same time, everything from Radiohead to Cursive to NOFX.

LOLLI: Evol Intent has quite the smorgasboard of projects under the belt, from artist collabs to Comedy Central’s (*Cartoon Network not ComCentral) Adult Swim ads to EA Games “Need for Speed”. Which projects stand out for you and why?

GIGANTOR: Since you mentioned it the Adult Swim stuff was especially fun for us because we're all big fans.  To this day I still hear songs like 'Damn that's a big hot dog!' or '8 bit bitch' occasionally on Adult Swim bumps.

LOLLI: What can we expect to see project-wise from Evol Intent in the near future? Any side projects going on at the moment?

GIGANTOR: Anyone familiar with Evol Intent knows we have many other projects.  Here's the rundown of what else we're up to:
-Enemy has a project called 'Treasure Fingers,' which for the uninitiated, is some good ol' funky disco-house.
-Knick has a few projects, he's been working hard at one lately called 'Bro Safari' and he's been killing it on the dubstep and moombahton tip.  Along with Bro Safari, Knick is half of mashup kings Ludachrist, and also part of a rock effort called 'Minus Music.'
-finally, my alter ego is 'Computer Club' and I generally make electrohouse with this project.

LOLLI: So you’re next stop on tour… is the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh this coming Friday. Have you been to Pittsburgh before? What can we expect at this Friday’s show?

GIGANTOR: Yes I've been through a few times. I have quite a few new Evol Intent tunes to play for everyone and I'm excited to be back!

LOLLI: And speaking of tours, what has been your most memorable show on tour… for the wrong reason?

GIGANTOR: Hahaha, I have a few gig disaster stories, but one of the best was a time I played near the Pittsburgh area.  The gig started off with flying into the PIT airport, getting crammed into a Ford Probe (not the biggest car ever) with my records between my legs, and driving 3 plus hours into the wilderness.  If that wasn't worse, there was some kid behind me smoking god only knows what. We finally get to this farm(?!) in Eastern Ohio, where I play a set to about 100 or so kids, but the stage is set up in this MASSIVE field so it looks like I'm playing to 15 kids.  After the set I went to the promoter's tent and asked the kid where I'm staying for the night, and he hands me 50 dollars on top of my set fee to find a hotel on the way back to Pittsburgh, and...he didn't even have a ride sorted back for me.  Luckily I made friends and found a ride back to Pittsburgh and we stayed at the dude's family house outside of town.  Looking back on it, he really saved the day!

LOLLI: Well Gigantor, that’s about all I have. Anything else you want to add?

GIGANTOR: Watch our label, Evol Intent Recordings, we just released a record called 'The Sausage Party' which is a collaboration with our friends Gein, and we have another release coming out in early December on the label as well.  Also look for a holiday surprise on our website and facebook in late Dec. Like us on facebook too!

LOLLI: Alright that about wraps it up! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. We’re looking forward to this Friday’s show at the Rex Theater in South Side, Pittsburgh.

GIGANTOR: Thanks!  I'm looking forward to it!

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, make sure to check out Evol Intent this Friday, November 11th at the Rex Theater in the South Side! Tickets are just $15.00, doors open at 9pm, and the night is 17+.

Want to learn more about Evol Intent? Check out his site here (

Want to check out the Rex Theater? Check out their site here (

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