Interviews and Articles sits down with Vancouver trance/tech-house DJ's DJ Mikas and DJ Sage:

LOLLI: You guys have released a few tracks in the past couple months. Tell us how you began working together?

MIKAS: We first met in a club and Sage already had heard of my label. We then met to listen to Sage's material and signed some for my label Progressive Grooves Records. Later on we started working in the studio together and produced "The Ride & The Vibe" - the first EP coming from our collaboration. We then continued to work every week and started developing our sound. Then we released Shaken Not Stirred on Richard Durand's Terminal-4 Records. And a few weeks later we released High & Dry on Progressive Grooves which had a totally different sound but still preserved our progressive roots. Originality is not so well accepted in the DJ Community as it takes courage to play something different. For us it's the best way to stand out as producers, always reinventing our sound. You can expect a series a pretty special EPs coming from us this Summer and also, I am currently mixing TranceCLass 003 which will include many unreleased tracks from us.

LOLLI: ‘Shaken not Stirred,’ ‘High and Dry,’ and ‘Eternal’ sound very different from each other. Does this diversity reflect your creative process in any way?

SAGE: Well I think it really reflects how diverse we are as a team as we both come from fairly different backgrounds musically. I like a lot of deep house and deep tech and even techno. I also have a huge love for the more progressive and big room sounds where Mikas definitely comes from a more Prog and trance background. I think the melting pot of all the different styles we bring to the table really helps us to create what ever kind of sound we might be feeling when we hit the studio that day!

LOLLI: Both of you have worldwide audiences through your weekly radio shows. How do these sets differ from those you would play in a club/festival venue?

MIKAS: I look for new music weekly for my radio shows and receive a fair share of promos from labels and artists. I also play a lot of my own label's material! Then I shop on Beatport for more material so I get about a dozen tracks for the show. The show features the WorldClass Track of the week which is an outstanding track above the rest either in originality or quality, and a TranceClassic track from the past.

As for live sets, I really go with the feel, before a set I can buy a lot of new material and end up playing only a few of the songs: It's all about the feeling I guess and I also play material that is a bit more intense live.

SAGE: Well I play 2 shows now, Open House Sessions, which focuses more on the clubby stuff and which is quite close to what you might hear me play at a bigger clubby event depending on the crowd. I also do a monthly show, Eclipse with focuses on the deep house and tech stuff that I have a real passion for. This is definitely the direction I would go for more underground / after-hours type events.

LOLLI: Mikas, tell us more about your label, Progressive Grooves Records. What do you look for when signing a new artist?

MIKAS: The first thing is how people present their demo. Some people put no work into it and only drop a song link and that says a lot to me about the amount of dedication. Then I listen to the quality and originality of the production. You know, I don't like wannabes; I want fresh sounds. Something new and special! Another important thing to me is the artist name, keep it simple and stay out of the ridicule......

LOLLI: Sage, you have been producing for over a decade. Has your approach to music changed since you first started? Do you notice a difference between your experience and that of the new generation?

SAGE: Well to be honest Mikas is the senior producer out of the 2 of us. I have been producing for about 6 or 7 years; and for about 4 years now really seriously. I have been Dj'ing for almost 15 years now though. Definitely one thing I have noticed is that newer producers really tend to lean towards the loop packs and pre-made stuff which is giving a lot of people a real generic sound, I remember when I was first getting in to it and picking up tips and tricks from friends it was much more focused on creating the sounds and playing the riffs yourself and really creating a sound that is your own.

DJ Mikas – Timezone (DJ Mikas & DJ Sage Remix)

DJ Mikas - Timezone (Progressive Grooves Records)

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