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On Friday, October 7th, Static Pgh presented its first headliner to Pittsburgh - American progressive house and electro house DJ Morgan Page. Morgan’s performance that evening certainly set the tone for what people can expect from Static Pgh, Pittsburgh’s First Electronic Music only nightclub. While Morgan was in Pittsburgh, we were able to throw a few questions his way for a Exclusive Interview… including if he believes in sea monsters!

LOLLI: Everyone has "that one track" that got them into electronic music. What was yours?

MP: Hard to pinpoint it exactly but it was probably the entire Daft Punk album, or the Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust release.

LOLLI: Your early start was as a radio DJ, correct? How did that profession come about? How did you eventually make the transition from radio DJ to DJ/producer?

MP: Yeah - I started in radio and had free reign to play a wide variety of genres. It wasn't just a house mixshow. But there came a point where I wanted to see my audience. I still get a kick out of meeting fans at shows. It's fun to see people get so excited about music.

LOLLI: Outside of the EDM genre, what artists or genres influence the music you produce?

MP: Pop and indie definitely have found their way into my production. I'm always listening to the radio in the car - it's part of my job and great research.

LOLLI: In your career so far, what achievement have you been most proud of?

MP: I'm most proud of the GRAMMY nomination. [Morgan was nominated for his remix Nadia Ali’s track “Fantasy”. Read more about it here ]

LOLLI: Give us an answer to a question no one has ever asked you (but you wish they would).

MP: I think I've been asked every question. But maybe if someone asked, "How do you stay inspired" I would say - travel and coffee.

LOLLI: Static Pgh opened pretty recently. Were you excited to be the first headliner to christen the venue?

MP: Yes - there is a rebirth of electronic music in America and it's exciting to play cities I wouldn't normally associate with house music.

LOLLI: We always ask our members for a question when we do an interview, and this was the one we picked this time as the Exclusive Member Question. Would you say the music has become more watered down with the advent of software and maybe less warm than our analog "past"?

MP: Yes and no-- the software these days is amazing and can sound very warm. But there is something a little less inspiring with pixels and mouse clicks than hardware keyboards.

LOLLI: Now this is completely non-music related, but I had to ask (and if you don't want to answer, I completely understand!) I read that you are from Burlington, Vermont, where I visited years ago and learned of the infamous "Champ". Are you a believer?

MP: It's certainly possible. I've never seen it, but the lake is dark and deep! Who knows.

Want to learn more about Morgan Page? Check out his site here (

Want to check out Static Pgh? Check out their site here (

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