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In the Spotlight: Pittsburgh Track Authority
For many years, Pittsburgh has been a top destination for the birth of some of the country’s finest house and rave music events, DJs and producers.  This year is no exception. There is one trio that is currently taking the electronic music scene by storm, and that is Pittsburgh –based producers, Pittsburgh Track Authority. It is a wonder that this trio is not more widely known – they have a relatively low social media and online following, but this is most likely down to the fact the group has only been going for three years. The talents of the trio have, however, been widely recognised the world over, seeing their records played in live DJ sets around the cities of Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami, LA and London.

Pittsburgh Track Authority is made up of Thomas Cox, Preslav Lefterov and Adam Ratana. Their laid-back and easy summer house grooves are a refreshing take on progressive house music. Their signature style encompasses all that is good about traditional house music (easy to listen and well-rounded without being formulaic) and all that is great about emerging electronic (displaying its own twist and firmly placing its own stamp on the genre).  Although they have only officially released three records, Pittsburgh Track Authority have an impressive collection of unreleased material on their Soundcloud site, including a remix of the popular Jennifer Hudson track, ‘Spotlight’.

Combining the classic with the futuristic

Their dancefloor 2012 hits, ‘Untitled’ and ‘Archipelago 6’, combine classic house beats with traditional disco synths, while injecting a modern and even futuristic flavour through a flurry of shimmering cymbals parts.  The track delivers everything that a future- classic house track should; it builds the listener up over a series of progressive layers – without taking too long – and then erupts into a satisfying climax, dropping a hook of a base line that is well worth the wait. The signature base line is accompanied by a deep and dirty pumping beat that wouldn’t fail to get even the most reluctant of listeners up on the dance floor.

The guys of Pittsburgh Track Authority are relatively new on the scene. While they are all long-time practitioners of dance music production, they only joined forces in 2009. In a short space of time, the group has achieved a lot. Having been played by DJs in some of the country’s top night clubs, they are fast on their way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the club and dance music scene.

A range of genres

They have shown they can produce across a range of dance music genres; the uplifting house vibes of ‘Untitled’ are contrasted with the second track on their 12 inch vinyl release, ‘Monongahela Rainforest’. The track is much more subdued than its a-side counterpart; at eight minutes long, the track unravels itself slowly, displaying along the way an evolving and wistful melody that is accompanied by increasing levels of percussion.

The birth of a new Pittsburgh record label

The group have worked with many house labels already, their previous two released coming out on established house labels, Uzuri and Further Records. However, they have recently further made their mark on the music industry through the creation of their own record label, Pittsburgh Tracks. Although its headquarters won’t yet be kitted out with the snazziest coaster furniture or cool leather sofas just yet, the new label is already creating a stir on the DJ scene. ‘Untitled’ – which is the group’s third official release – is the debut release from the new label and has already been critically acclaimed by DJ sites such as Resident Advisor (USA), Decks (Germany) and Phonica Records (UK). This is just the start for the trio; according to the guys themselves, their new label aims to provide a platform for the emergence of new music from the city of Pittsburgh. The group said: “The mission of Pittsburgh Tracks is to showcase dance music originating from the city of steel around the world through the medium of high quality vinyl records.” They are already helping other artists make it into the spotlight, having worked with newly-formed Nice Rec.

Check out Pittsburgh Track Authority’s classic track, ‘Untitled’, here:

Also, be sure to check out their track, ‘Archipelago’:

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