Interviews and Articles Exclusive Interview with David Puentez catches up with German-based DJ and producer David Puentez whose original tracks and remixes are heard in clubs all over the world. We cover the A to Z with David including his preferences on remixing versus producing, his traveling pet peeves, and if he would ever use a "do over". Read the full article here!

LOLLI: When did you first become interested in music? How did you begin DJ'ing and producing?

DAVID PUENTEZ: I started djing when I was 15 years old but just for my friends,  but few years later I started to do it professional. First club gigs in Germany and border Countries like Austria Switzerland. Producing came a bit later because the equipment was quite expensive years ago.

LOLLI: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

DAVID PUENTEZ: That’s a good questions – I love Daft Punk, classic or jazz music, big pianos and melodies. Inspiration comes in so many ways, sometimes you find it at the beach, in the forest or on the plane to your next gig –  you never know.

LOLLI: Which do you like better, remixing or producing?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Remixing is a bit faster because you get a ready idea delivered but honestly I like more to start from scratch when you don’t know where to go and have a empty project and you can fill it up and bring it to perfection. Its like having your own baby :)

LOLLI: Do you have any songs on your remix wish list?

DAVID PUENTEZ: David Guetta – Just a Little More Love // Daft Punk – One More Time

LOLLI: What is your studio setup like?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Mac Pro, Logic 9, Virus Ti, Nexus2, Massive, AKAI MPC 500, Sylenth…. Mostly software instruments makes it easier to produce on the road.

LOLLI: Now, you are about to set out on tour... what is your biggest pet peeve when traveling/on tour?

DAVID PUENTEZ: I really hate when flights getting delayed/cancelled and you have to hang out on the airport for hours or you arrive from a long flight at the airport and your luggage is gone! Nightmare! The funny thing is everytime I travel to Stockholm my luggage is not on the plane. Crazy :)

LOLLI: What is your favorite thing about touring?

DAVID PUENTEZ: To see the world and experience places you would never see as a tourist and meet so kind people and having friends all over this globe that’s a big pleasure for me!

LOLLI: Do you notice any significant differences between performing in the United States versus Europe versus the rest of the world? (For example, the crowds, the venues, other performers, etc.)

DAVID PUENTEZ: The United States are booooooooming right now for house music, it is amazing thanks to David Guetta, Swedish House & Avicii. In Europe we are used to house music or electronic music for like 20 years now and its not any more that big thing like now in the US. For example in Asia they are going crazy too for this kind of sound. The crowd I would say is everywhere the same because I think “we are all one” - doesn’t matter if black or white, from New York or Frankfurt! But for sure the venues in the US are on top in my opinion – big sound systems and perfectly designed.  

LOLLI: The popularity of Electronic Dance Music in the United States has grown immensely in the past 2 years, what factors do you think have attributed to this growth?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Hip Hop and House came together and I think the Stated were ready for a new major trend J. Snoop Dog is having a 4x4 beat in his production – that’s crazy ;) For sure David Guetta & The Swedish House Mafia brought it over and made it big with their collabs with Taio Cruz or Pharrell.

LOLLI: If you were ever given a do-over, is there anything you'd go back and change?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Nothing :) House music is giving me so much power and love every single day.

LOLLI: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Let me think… I wake up with house music :)

LOLLI: And finally… anything else you’d like to add?

DAVID PUENTEZ: Really looking forward to the Pittsburg show at Static club on the 11th of May – hope to see ya there! BIG LOVE

Want to learn more about David Puentez? For bio, songs, and tour dates check out his website here (

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