Interviews and Articles Exclusive Review - Knife Party @ the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA
In 1931, The Wiltern first opened its doors to the public. 80 years later, Knife Party’s signature electro-dubstep anthems shook the foundations of the storied theater, marking the Australian duo’s first show on the West Coast.

The show was presented by Insomniac Events as part of their “Enhanced Concert Series.” Insomniac is known for their lavish productions at Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, and the upcoming Beyond Wonderland on March 17th, so one might expect a mind-bending DJ stage with 3D projections and fancy decoration. However, Insomniac chose to interpret “Enhanced” in a different way: they produced an intimate show for a small, sold-out crowd of fans in a historic venue of architectural significance. I’d say that’s enhanced enough for me.

The Wiltern is located on the edge of Koreatown at the intersection of WILshire and wesTERN (hence the name). I arrived a little after 10pm, and easily found free street parking less than a block away. I was actually further from the entrance when I reached the back of the security line, but the Wiltern staff is so professional that I made it to the front within 20 minutes. Brooklyn-based producer Codes was warming up the crowd in a big way, but I decided to take a self-guided tour of the venue with my hot date. Our first stop was down the glamorous staircase to the bathrooms. Neither of us had a sense of urgency, so we walked into the conveniently located bar at the back of the foyer. To our surprise, the bar also had a clean and private powder room with no line! (If you have ever been to an electronic show without a VIP ticket, then you know how rare a clean bathroom is...) Our first complaint came when we saw the $14 price tag on domestic beer, but that’s why the party gods created pre-gaming..

It was a magical evening. I felt like Cinderella, but instead of running back to a shittier version of my life at midnight, I watched Kill the Noise melt my face off. Kill the Noise, aka Jake Stanczak, is still riding a wave of critical acclaim for a string of remixes along with his early-December release of the Kill Kill Kill EP on OWSLA. The hype did not disappoint. The next hour was filled with synthy hooks and rich bass lines that crisscrossed between electro-house and dubstep. He even threw in a little death metal (the low point for me), although quickly redeemed himself with a treatment of Deadmau5’ Strobe.

Knife Party took the stage at 1am, and the crowd was rearing to go. The group is a side project of Rob Swire (also known for his vocals on Deadmau5’ Ghosts n Stuff) and Gareth McGrillen. They first played together in the metal band Xygen before they formed their current group Pendulum in 2002. While Pendulum is known for their rock fusion with drum and bass, Knife Party is all about four on the floor tempos mixed with heavy wobbles and screeching synths. They wasted no time dropping The Antidote (watch the NSFW short film HERE into Destroy Them With Lazers, before turning SHM’s Save the World on its ass. It had only been a week since Skrillex took home three Grammys, and his tributes were still rolling in. Bangarang, Promises remix, and Breakn’ A Sweat (Skrill’s new track with the remaining members of The Doors) were all in rotation during the hour-long set. Swire and McGrillen even found time to play a brand new track before saluting their Pendulum fan base with a little drum and bass at the end.

The guys left the stage at 2am. We collectively begged for more, but the encore never came. Nonetheless, I walked out of the historic theater with a satisfied smile on my face. Insomniac delivered a great lineup with fantastic performances all around. We grabbed some late night Korean food, and called it a night. With any luck, I will be revisiting this Knife Party at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in June...or perhaps, Insomniac’s brand new festival debuting later this year..

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