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On Saturday, February 25th, Big Chocolate will headline Leone Entertainment's next event Spread the Love in Cleveland, Ohio. We had a chance to catch up with Big Chocolate and get to know this metal rocker - turned - edm producer/dj. Check out how he got his start... and what he'd be lost without on tour!

LOLLI: Let's get the back story... your EDM career actually launched from your days in death metal bands. Can you give us some history of those early days, the bands, touring, etc., and how you made the transition to EDM?

BIG CHOCOLATE: Grew up in a small town where there wasn't much too do so I started/joined several local high school. A solo metal project called 'disfiguring the goddess' gained the most attention and got me some connections in the metal world that lead to me remixing metal bands. The remixing aspect got me turned on to dnb and dubstep to use the heavy bass elements in my remixes.... but I evently just starting producing dubstep and dnb full on.

LOLLI: And how did you decide on the name "Big Chocolate"?

BIG CHOCOLATE: It was a joke at first. It was so pose to like mock the 'myspace scene name' phase people went though... BUT it stuck!

LOLLI: What are the biggest differences for you, between producing metal and producing EDM, aside from the obvious difference in sound? Additionally, how does metal influence your EDM production?

BIG CHOCOLATE: Lately my metal has influenced my edm greatly. The writing styles are totally different. one is  looking at the project as a whole (EDM) and the other writing style is liner. So i've been combining both mindsets of writing into one by making 'rock' demos and then remixing them into a big chocolate track.

LOLLI: So next Saturday you will be headlining Show Me Love in Cleveland, Ohio. Touring has certainly taken you to a number of cities and venues. What has been one of your favorite places to tour so far? Is there anywhere you want to go that you haven't been to yet?

BIG CHOCOLATE: Oh yes, everywhere from coffee shops to 10,000+ outdoor festivals. One of my favorite places was seattle, played/went there for the first time last september and I fell in love with the place. So much that I'm relocating there in march! Moscow, Russia is another great place i've been.

LOLLI: Now when you're on tour, is there anything that you'd be completely lost without if you forgot to pack it?

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BIG CHOCOLATE: My iPhone, has all my travel plans and itineraries. With out that I'd probably feel super stranded. Other than that because it's sort of obvious along with a computer. I travel with an inhaler  because i'm super prone to respiratory illnesses so without it i'd be getting sick all the time.

LOLLI: Who do you admire most in the industry?

BIG CHOCOLATE: A A&R dude at Century Media named Steve Joh, Sort of like a father figure in the industry thusfar. Kevin Lynman from Warped Tour is also very admirable.

LOLLI: Is there anyone you'd like to collab with?

BIG CHOCOLATE: Rage against the machine. HANDS down.

LOLLI: You're 21 years old, with a potentially long career in music ahead of you. What goals do you have for yourself as a producer/dj?

BIG CHOCOLATE: I like to get to the point where I can produce yelawolfs next album, tour with linkin park, and play EDC all in the same 2 months time. Just basically establish myself as a diverse artist that can work well in any scene.

LOLLI: Last, but certainly not least, what can fans expect from your upcoming show at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland?

BIG CHOCOLATE: TONS of new music/remixes. I'll be playing an all original set stacked with new jams. A lot of new material from my new EP will be demo'd out that night.
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