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We had a chance to catch up with English dubstep record producer and DJ, the one and only Rusko. Rusko is about to kick off his College Tour tomorrow, February 2nd, in Knoxville, TN and will travel around the world bringing his high energy driven sound to his many fans. Read this exclusive interview to find out more about Rusko, including his early beginnings to his take on MegaUpload's demise... and even his favorite food.

LOLLI: Describe your beginnings for us... what was the catalyst for everything, how did you get your start, who and what were your early influences, etc.?

RUSKO: I've been making music my whole life. My mum was in a band when I was a baby. I played bass in a few punk bands up in York, where I'm from. I have played the guitar, saxophone, and piano for as long as I can remember. I eventually attended Leeds college of music where I oft found myself ditching class to make tracks on my computer haha.

LOLLI: When did you realize that you were getting "big"? What are some things that changed as your popularity grew?

RUSKO: I think having my tune "Da Cali Anthem" be one of the first dubstep tunes to play on US radio showed me that what I was doing was about to turn into something massive! One thing that definitely changed were the crowds! Bigger venues, bigger sets!

LOLLI: What sort of set up... i.e. hardware/software are you currently using? How does this vary from when you were starting out?

RUSKO: I am still using the same software I started off with…Acid Pro! I'm just so comfortable on it. Of course I use different plug-ins now...

LOLLI: What has been one of your favorite releases?

RUSKO: I will have to say FabricLive.37, which is an album I did with Caspa as part of the FabricLive Mix Series. This was a very early release for me that I like to think helped introduce dubstep to the world!

LOLLI: Over the past few years, stage presence has become a growing factor in EDM. Do you think stage presence plays a large role in your performances?

RUSKO: Definitely! Whenever I play, I always go wild on stage! If you come see a show, you'll be sure to see me give it 110%

LOLLI: In the wake of MegaUpload’s demise, countless hosting sites including SoundCloud have been adamantly cracking down on any remixes or edits that could be considered copyright infringement. How do you think this will affect the creative output of burgeoning producers who want to remix?

RUSKO: I think there will still be a ton of remixes being made. It's a culture, really, and I think it will take a lot to stop that from existing.

LOLLI: Your hair has become a pretty big part of your look... do you plan on changing it anytime soon?

RUSKO: Not anytime soon...

LOLLI: Now for the quick run down...

LOLLI: Favorite food?

RUSKO: Indian

LOLLI: Pet peeves?

RUSKO: When I'm away from my dog too long on tour!

LOLLI: Non-EDM music artist/group?

RUSKO: Meat Loaf! or Roger Troutman from Zapp

LOLLI: Least Favorite Holiday?

RUSKO: I like all holidays equally haha.

LOLLI: Phobias?

RUSKO: None at the moment.

Want to learn more about Rusko? For bio, songs, and tour dates check out his website here (

Want to win tickets to Rusko's College Tour? Find out how to enter here (

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