Premium Events

Want to triple your event's exposure without any additional work?
Make your event a Premium Event!
  • Your event is listed on our main page until your event is over. This gives your event major exposure over other events
  • Increases visibility in the events section with a bigger listing, a large thumbnail of event flyer, and event stars
  • We will host all event photos from your event. Check out our photo gallery
  • If you are selling tickets online for your event, you can add a large BUY TICKETS button to your event page and have it go directly to your ticketing website
  • This simple marketing upgrade can be yours for the low price of $8.00/event
How to upgrade an event to premium also offers many customizable solutions to get your event or product NOTICED! Choose from any of the following promotions OR we will work with you to create a unique program just for you. Please contact to get started!

Website Advertising

  • Website Wrapping
    The ultimate in advertising.  Take over every page of with your event or product!  This in-your-face, interactive, graphic is completely customizable including slide-out graphics, external links, and more!  This service is exclusive to one event/product at a time.  Please reserve in advance.
  • Rotating Billboard
    Catch the attention of users as soon as they log in!  Our rotating billboard showcases your event with completely customizable, linkable graphics.  Space is limited!  To ensure you have a spot, reserve in advance.
  • Banner Advertising
    Promote your event or product with this classic form of internet advertising.  We offer multiple standard sizes and can also customize a size for you.  We can run a banner you already have or design one for you.

    Banner Requirements
  • Countdown Clock
    Watch the excitement grow as time ticks down to your big event!  Our countdown clock counts down the days and hours with the option for external or internal links.  This service is exclusive to one event/product at a time.  Please reserve in advance.
  • Exclusive Email Blast
    Get into the inboxes of thousands of members!  Promote your event, product, or company with an exclusive email blast.  Space is limited!  To ensure you have a spot, reserve in advance.

Public Relations & Media

  • Pre-event Releases
    Want some hype for an upcoming event?  You can do that easily with a pre-event release written by  Not only does it create excitement for your upcoming event, but the searchable content makes your event easier to index in search engines!
  • Post-event Releases/Reviews
    Want to sum up an event you just had?  You can do that easily with a post-event release or review written by  This unbiased, detailed account of your event not only reflects the event but serve as marketing for your upcoming events!
  • Interviews
    Want to pick the brain of your next headliner?  Opening a new business and want to put yourself out to the public?  Know someone that is just... interesting?  A interview is the way to do it.  Interviews can also be used as a great pre-event marketing tool.
  • Video can incorporate video into many aspects of our public relation services.  Editing included.
Please contact to get started!

If you posted the event:
1. Login to lolli
2. Click the 'My Events' button to the left
3. Click the 'Upgrade to Premium Event' link for the event you'd like to upgrade
4. Click the 'Upgrade my event' button
5. Make your payment via Paypal (Paypal account or credit card)

Can I Upgrade Someone Else's Event?
Yes you can.  Go to the event listing and click the "+ Upgrade to Premium Event" link on the page.

After your payment is processed, the event will be upgraded automatically.  Payments can either be
made via Paypal or credit card.

Each banner rotating on lolli receives an equal amount of exposure. On average, your banner will receive between 8,000 to 15,000 views a week. We allow unlimited banner views and click thru's to the website of your choosing.


1. Banner Size - Rotating banners are required to be 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.  Your banner needs to remain under one meg in size.

2. Banner Types - We accept gif, jpg, png, and Adobe Flash swf file formats.  Animated banners are permitted as long as they are under the one meg size restriction.

3. Hosting - can host your banner or you can host your banner on your site.  The advantage of you hosting your banner is that you can change your banner at any time.  Our staff can change your banner if requested, but it will not be immediate.

4. Web Address - All banners must point to a web address.  For example: If you are advertising for an event on lolli, typically, your banner would point to your event page on lolli.  If you are advertising for your website, your banner would point to that website.

5. Date Range - Please let us know how long you wish your banner to be displayed.

6. Banner Creation - If you don't have a banner, we can create one for you.  When you contact us, please include any media you'd like to use for your banner.

7. Pricing - Pricing will be quoted when we receive all requirements.

To receive a quote or to discuss additional marketing opportunities, email
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